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square_logo (2)A new version of Artstor Mobile is now available, which resolves an issue with the zoom feature for the mobile site and the Android app.

Please note that the functionality of the zoom feature on Artstor mobile has changed slightly with this release: The zoom button now opens a slightly larger image in a new window (an app window for Android users or a browser window on Apple products). Pinch and spread for further zoom detail (may not be available on some mobile devices). Navigate to the previous window to access search, browse, and home menu buttons.

More information on installing the Android app is available on our support site.

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Raphael, Triumph of Galatea, 1512 (detail)

Raphael, Triumph of Galatea, 1512 (detail). Image and original data provided by SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y. artres.com; scalarchives.com. ©2006 SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y.

We are happy to announce that we have released an update to the Artstor Digital Library with these new features:

  • Embedded Metadata  Individual downloaded images now include embedded metadata instead of a separate HTML file. The embedded metadata schema is IPTC and VRAXMP-formatted. You can learn more about these schemas from the IPTC and VRAXMP websites.
  • Audio Files Audio files in the Digital Library no longer require QuickTime for playback. Users can now select any plugin to play audio files in their browsers.

If you experience any difficulties, clear your cache and restart your browser. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact User Services at userservices@artstor.org.

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Artstor Arcades

We are delighted to announce the beta release of Artstor Arcades (arcades.artstor.org), new crowdsourcing software developed by our research and design team, Artstor Labs.

Currently, the first test for Arcades is a crowdsourcing project to identify cataloging data for the D. James Dee Archive. The project involves a trove of nearly 125,000 uncataloged photographs of contemporary art exhibited in New York City from the 1970s until 2013, when Artstor acquired the archive. You can read more about the Dee Archive in the New York Times and on the Artstor Blog. Mr. Dee, the “SoHo Photographer,” worked for hundreds of galleries and artists for nearly 40 years. The archive contains images of works by major artists including Jean Michel Basquiat, Agnes Martin, Peter Halley, Robert Rauschenberg, Elizabeth Murray, Sue Coe, Joseph Beuys, and many others. His clients included Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Paula Cooper Gallery, Holly Solomon Gallery, and OK Harris.


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case study

Keri Cronin’s “Picturing Animals” case study

Looking for ideas on how to integrate images in your teaching? Curious about how your colleagues are using Artstor? Check out Artstor’s case studies! Composed of the Artstor Travel Awards-winning essays and image groups, the case studies describe the creative ways subscribers in all disciplines are using the Artstor Digital Library in their teaching, research, and scholarship.

browseWe’ve recently made the case studies more accessible. Simply click on the Teaching Resources link under the Browse section in the Digital Library homepage and you’ll find them organized by topic. (If you’re visiting Artstor on your phone or tablet, you’ll find the case studies under Global Folders.)


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Artstor has named the 30 community members of the new Artstor Digital Library User Advisory Board. The members represent a variety of areas of our user community and will gather online three times a year to identify critical issues regarding new tools, features, and functionality of the Digital Library and provide recommendations for improvement.


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Artstor is now making all media collections from open-access library Shared Shelf Commons accessible alongside the Artstor Digital Library. More than 200,000 image, video, document, and audio files from Shared Shelf subscribers in the ever-growing resource can now be searched alongside the 1.9 million images in the Artstor Digital Library.


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new-featuresArtstor has implemented several initiatives to keep you abreast of updates, improvements, and issues with the Artstor Digital Library.

  • There are now Site Status sections on the homepage of the Artstor Help site and on the Artstor Blog.
  • We’ve created an Artstor Digital Library Release History page on our Help site listing known issues and bugs. Known issues will be listed with a status, any work-arounds that are available, and an expected fix date when possible. New issues that arise between releases will be classified under the most recent release so that they are easy to find at the top of the page.
  • We’ve revived the Artstor Discuss list, which users can join by sending a blank email to subscribe-artstor-discuss@lyris.artstor.org. Subscribers will be the first to hear about new features, site maintenance, and bugs/bug fixes. The list will also serve as a forum for users to discuss their experiences with Artstor.
  • When necessary, we’ll be posting a maintenance alert box on the Artstor Digital Library home page to notify users of upcoming site maintenance downtime or major known issues.

We are also working on release histories for the OIV, expect those in the coming weeks.

Questions? Email the User Services team at userservices@artstor.org.

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