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View of a splash page in Shared Shelf Commons.

View of a splash page in Shared Shelf Commons.

If you have chosen to share your collections in Shared Shelf Commons—and hence also on the Artstor Workspace, alongside the collections in the Artstor Digital Library—you may want to manage your splash pages and add rights statements to your media.

The process is pretty straightforward:


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square_logo (2)A new version of Artstor Mobile is now available, which resolves an issue with the zoom feature for the mobile site and the Android app.

Please note that the functionality of the zoom feature on Artstor mobile has changed slightly with this release: The zoom button now opens a slightly larger image in a new window (an app window for Android users or a browser window on Apple products). Pinch and spread for further zoom detail (may not be available on some mobile devices). Navigate to the previous window to access search, browse, and home menu buttons.

More information on installing the Android app is available on our support site.

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square_logo (2)You may already know that you can zoom in to see detailed views of the images in the Artstor Digital Library, but did you know that you can also save, download, and print the details themselves? You can include these image details in image groups and presentations. It’s easy!

To create an image detail:

  • Log in to your registered Artstor account
  • Double-click on an image thumbnail to open it in the image viewer
  • In zoom modeclick on the image to create your desired thumbnail.

Now you can:

  1. Print the image detail by clicking 
  2. Download the image detail as a JPG file by clicking 
  3. Save the image detail to an image group by clicking . Once you’ve added it to an image group, it can be exported to PowerPoint, OIV, or in an image group zip download.

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Raphael, Triumph of Galatea, 1512 (detail)

Raphael, Triumph of Galatea, 1512 (detail). Image and original data provided by SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y. artres.com; scalarchives.com. ©2006 SCALA, Florence/ART RESOURCE, N.Y.

We are happy to announce that we have released an update to the Artstor Digital Library with these new features:

  • Embedded Metadata  Individual downloaded images now include embedded metadata instead of a separate HTML file. The embedded metadata schema is IPTC and VRAXMP-formatted. You can learn more about these schemas from the IPTC and VRAXMP websites.
  • Audio Files Audio files in the Digital Library no longer require QuickTime for playback. Users can now select any plugin to play audio files in their browsers.

If you experience any difficulties, clear your cache and restart your browser. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact User Services at userservices@artstor.org.

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Earlier this week 28 instructors shared their experiences, successes, and challenges teaching Visual Literacy on a Twitter chat with the Artstor User Services team. Check out some highlights below, or read the full transcript on Storify.


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There are many reasons why a project administrator might want to suppress or delete records on their projects in Shared Shelf.

What’s the difference? Deleting, as you probably guessed, gets rid of the record entirely. Suppressing, on the other hand, only retracts the media file and data from the published environment so it is no longer viewable to end users. The advantage is that you can always return to the record to edit the data or replace the media for republishing at a later time.

For that reason, we suggest that if you want to delete a record, you suppress first so the records are automatically retracted from the published environments.

The process is very straightforward. Learn how to do it on the Shared Shelf support site.

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square_logo (2)If you want your Shared Shelf project to be discoverable with the faceted search functionality in the Artstor Workspace or Shared Shelf Commons, you should always include Artstor Classification and Artstor Country. Get the full details in the Shared Shelf support site.

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