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Artstor Analog

Amidst the boom in our increasingly digital lives, people are returning to analog objects. For the first time ever, sales of vinyl records have outstripped digital sales, with more than 3 million LP sales reported in 2016, and in what Publishers Weekly calls “digital fatigue,” ebook sales have plateaued. Although fatigue might not be the correct term here; according to a recent study, children–who presumably haven’t been using digital products for very long–prefer paper books to screens.

With this in mind, Artstor is proud to introduce a new service: Artstor Analog. Now your library or institution can get the same 2 million high-quality images in the Digital Library that you trust and depend on as photo slides. As a bonus, the Artstor Digital Library’s 2,000 QTVR files will be made available as fully rotatable dioramas. Among its many benefits, Artstor Analog offers the perfect solution for locations that have spotty or unreliable access to wifi.

Artstor Analog is delivered in approximately 15,000 carousel trays of 140 slides each. Because of shipping restrictions, this offer is only available in the continental United States and Canada. Please note that Artstor Analog is currently not compatible with the Offline Image Viewer.

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stor-stor-logoApril 1, 2016, New York, NY – Following January’s announcement of the strategic alliance between Artstor and ITHAKA, Artstor and JSTOR will now become a single resource to be known as STOR-STOR.

Commenting on the merger of the resources, STOR-STOR’s director of nomenclature Jay Starr said, “We considered naming the organization JART, but we wanted a name that didn’t imply that we only offered art-related content. Another approach was to focus on our shared qualities and become just STOR, but that failed to sufficiently address the inclusivity of our mission. After several weeks of work, we came up with STOR-STOR, and are currently negotiating with an existing storage company for the domain name storstor.org.”

“Among the most exciting opportunities open by the new STOR-STOR merger is the possibility of a future partnership with Storify,” added STOR-STOR president Arthur Stohr.

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